Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thanksgiving Miami shots

I woke up nice and early for a 5 AM shoot of Miami during the Thanksgiving break. Getting most of the shots I have been wanting all summer were a bit of a challenge I had to work fast so I would not get run over and deal with the sun rise beaming at my lens making my light meter work against me. I manage to get a lot of shots so far these are the ones I have had the time to edit...enjoy.

The parts of Miami in the photos of Brickell, Downtown, Macarthur Causeway area, parts of Miami Beach, and Ocean Drive.

This one is of my neighborhood at 1AM right before the 5 AM shoot.

That is pretty much what I had time for over the break. More art coming soon as the semester comes to an end.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Minor updates

Made a minor change to how you can now view all the pages I have made this semester in my intro to web class.

The CSS site will be done in about 2 weeks so check back for that.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Some more pictures.

Shots from downtown and Siesta Key Sarasota, FL from earlier in the semester.

Here are some portraits of Shannon in her great apartment from a couple weeks ago. Thank you Shannon! She was a great model and fun to work with.

A slide show of photos from earlier this semester. Photos are from Miami, FL and Sarasota, FL. (the video is acting up if you can see it now try back later...sorry about that) (music: pelican) If you would like to see better quality versions of the images please let me know.

Just some of what I have been up to...

Here is some new work in all different medias that I've done mostly this week and last week...

My new portfolio site....

Had a photo shoot with local fire fighters from station 4 in Sarasota, FL. They were a great bunch, really nice, and great models. I also had great timing as they were called right as I was going to start up and I was invited to follow them on the scene.

Here are some doodles that might be used in upcoming projects for web and illustration class.

Stumbled across an old doodle from this semester...

This is a project they have me doing at is office portraits. These are still in progress and I plan to develop them either digitally or with watercolors we will see.

For now that is it but I will be editing more of the photos and posting some digital illustrations as soon as I finish fixing them up. Expect some paintings in the next month as well as another website.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Summer 2007: Part 1 - Monotypes

I made some monotypes this summer while interning for the Art Center of South FL. I personally recommend monotypes to anyone who needs a break from illustrating it is refreshing to experiment and not have to worry about perspective, anatomy, etc.

Happy Belated Halloween! =)

My sister has a blog where she will be doing her art form...writing go check it out leave and her feed back.

Also here is a belated Happy Halloween Eegore...